Transcript of interview with Essie Shelton Jacobs by Claytee D. White, February 1, 1996


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Transcript of interview with Essie Shelton Jacobs by Claytee D. White, February 1, 1996
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Essie Shelton Jacobs conducted by Claytee D. White on February 1, 1996. Jacobs arrived in Las Vegas 1963 and worked in housekeeping at Aladdin Hotel for twenty-three years. Active in the Culinary Union, she worked as a supervisor and shop steward.
Essie Jacobs was the last of her siblings to move to Las Vegas, arriving in 1963. She worked in housekeeping at the Aladdin Hotel for twenty-three years. During that time she became a supervisor and worked as a shop steward for the Culinary Union Local 226. Her narrative offers information on the "back of the house" work, the union, the Westside Strip, and Jackson Street entertainment, all of which fills out our knowledge of the development of the black community. Essie Jacobs first worked at the Tally-Ho when it was only a hotel operated by an order of Catholic nuns. She stayed at the property after it changed ownership and became the Aladdin Hotel and Casino. As a shop steward, she attended all Culinary Union meetings and learned to assist her fellow workers with situations that had the potential of developing into legal problems. She took her affiliation with the union seriously. This interview includes her ideas on the issues facing today's Culinary Union. When not at work, her life rotated around her family and the Westside community. She enjoyed the nightlife of Jackson Street with its dancing and live entertainment.
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