Transcript of interview with Katherine Duncan and Sarann Knight Preddy by Claytee D. White, November 28, 2004


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Transcript of interview with Katherine Duncan and Sarann Knight Preddy by Claytee D. White, November 28, 2004
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Katherine Duncan and Sarann Knight Preddy conducted by Claytee D. White on November 28, 2004. Duncan moved to Las Vegas in 1977, worked with Nevada Motion Picture Services, and owned a travel agency. She started a black heritage tour of Las Vegas.
This interview begins with Katherine Duncan describing her family background and migration out of Ratio, Arkansas to Boston, Massachusetts. Katherine describes her first impressions of Las Vegas, working at the MGM, receiving a paycheck as a result of the Consent Decree, and living in Windsor Park just east of the North Las Vegas Air Terminal. Catherine's sister, Faye Duncan Daniel, was instrumental in urging her to take a job with the Nevada Motion Picture Services, and she shares several anecdotes and memories of her three years with that company. After that, she opened a travel agency at Rainbow and West Cliff, obtained a bachelor's degree at UNLV, tried some modeling, and eventually worked at the Riviera as paymaster. Katherine shares all the details of teaming up with Sarann Preddy and Sam Armstrong to create a black cultural/history tour of Las Vegas. Sarann has memories and anecdotes of her involvement with the tours, buying the Moulin Rouge, and doing what she can to preserve that property. Both women give their comments and opinions on everything from racism to desegregation in the schools to Mob influence and the power structure in Las Vegas. Many of their memories have to do with the Moulin Rouge, its past, present, and future. Their stories paint a vivid picture of black involvement in the history of Las Vegas.
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