Transcript of interview with Tyrone Williams by Claytee D. White, August 25, 2006


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Transcript of interview with Tyrone Williams by Claytee D. White, August 25, 2006
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Tyrone Williams conducted by Claytee D. White on August 25, 2006. Williams began working at UNLV in 1978 and became the facilities supervisor.
Tyrone Williams came to Las Vegas in 1957 as an infant. His mother had come out here to live with her sister, who owned property out on Simmons Road. She later sold the land to North Las Vegas, and it became part of the North Las Vegas airport. Mr. Williams entered first grade at Westside Elementary School. His teacher was Ms. French, who taught many North Las Vegans in the 50s and 60s. He recalls shooting his BB gun with friends in desert areas that are housing tracts or shopping malls today. Tyrone's mother worked at Holsum Bakery on Charleston to help support her family of eight children, of whom Tyrone was the youngest boy. He can recall that blacks were not welcome on the Strip unless they were going to work in one of the hotels or casinos. There were few places or activities for young people, but he remembers riding up and down the streets in cars and attending wrestling matches at the convention center. He earned money by taking on odd jobs and washing cars. The first job Tyrone held at age 16 or 17 was cleaning up a large grocery store. After that he worked for Clark County School District, the U.S. Post Office, and Nellis Air Force Base. In 1978, when Tyrone was 21 years old, he applied and was hired at UNLV. Over a span of almost 30 years, Tyrone has had seven promotions. He literally learned the job from the bottom up, and today is a facilities supervisor, with approximately 148 people under his supervision. He joined the Executive Housekeepers Association and after completing a two year training program, was certified in executive housekeeping. In addition to further training and re-certification, Tyrone also helped write a training manual for custodians at UNLV. This manual is used with a hands-on teaching program to ensure that new hires know what is expected of them. His future goals include encouraging a training program that will guarantee a unified approach to cleaning any building, so that the quality of upkeep is the same in any campus building.
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