Transcript of interview with Mustafa Richards by Claytee D. White, March 10, 2013


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Transcript of interview with Mustafa Richards by Claytee D. White, March 10, 2013
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White, Claytee D.
Transcript of interview with Mustafa Richards by Claytee D. White on March 10, 2013. Richards arrived in Las Vegas in 1976 and worked for 25 years at the Imperial Palace, where at one time he was the only black bellman. He is the imam at the Masjid as-Sabur in Las Vegas.
Mustafa Richards was born in Detroit, MI in 1950. He graduated from Murray High School located in Detroit. While accepted to Wayne State University Mr. Richards opted out of attending college and started his journey towards his study of multiple religions. In middle school Mustafa stood up to his bullies after learning about the Holocaust and gaining courage while listening to Malcolm X on the radio. He says, ""That also began to develop this dislike for people who make other people unhappy and uncomfortable and torment them."" During high school he began his interest in history. Once graduated, he started studying Judaism this led him to travel to different cities to learn more about religions such as Mormon and Buddhism. Also traveling to L.A. to gain knowledge about peyote. As well as visiting other cities to discover what politicians were doing for the African American communities. Mr. Richards and his wife Debbie arrived in Las Vegas in 1976. Mrs. Richards worked for the Clark County Library District for 30 years. Mr. Richards worked as the only black bellman at the time for Imperial Palace. He was the first African American bell captain during his 25 years of work for Imperial Palace. He became a Muslim in the early 90's and was appointed to be an Imam soon after. Mustafa still resides in Las Vegas teaching children at the masjid.
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