Audio clip from interview with J. David Hoggard, February 1, 1999


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Audio clip from interview with J. David Hoggard, February 1, 1999
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In this audio clip, J. David Hoggard discusses the local chapter of the NAACP in Las Vegas and the Human Relations Commission.
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F850 N4 H63 2012; ora000141; ora000142
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This material may be protected by copyright. Personal, including educational and academic, use of this material is without restriction; but acknowledgement of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University Libraries is requested whether the use is oral, web or in print. Commercial use of any portion of this material requires permission. For further information please contact Digital Collections: This document is an oral history. It is a spoken account of certain events and phenomena recorded at one particular moment and filtered through one individual's life experience, sensibility, and memory. As such, it should be considered a primary source rather than a final, verified, or complete narrative of the events it records.
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