Transcript from interview with Jocelyn Oats conducted by John Grygo and Claytee D. White, November 20, 2012


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Transcript from interview with Jocelyn Oats conducted by John Grygo and Claytee D. White, November 20, 2012
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Grygo, John; White, Claytee D.
Transcript from interview with Jocelyn Oats by John Grygo. Oats came to Las Vegas with her family and grew up on the Westside. Her father was a leader in the community and a founder of Victory Baptist Church. Her mother provided child care for people in the community. Oats works with Nevada Partners and the Youth Employment for Summer (YES), and reflects on the community in Las Vegas.
Jocelyn Loretta Oats was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and her family moved to Las Vegas when she was two years old. Jocelyn grew up in the church her father founded -- Victory Baptist Church on the Westside -- and her faith drove her to become an active force in her community. She details what growing up on the Westside as a young African American was like, and how it has shaped her views today. She reflects on what having a community and church leader as her father meant to her while growing up. Jocelyn first began giving back to her neighborhood through her involvement in the PTA. She advocated for black students during the first steps of school integration. She worked for Nevada Partners as a volunteer, helping to prepare people to enter into the workforce, then as a paid employee to develop a youth program to help kids get summer jobs, which she named Youth Employment for the Summer (or YES.) Jocelyn ran the Women in Transition program, which assisted underprivileged and disadvantaged women to get back on their feet. In this interview, Jocelyn reflects on her experiences in Las Vegas and the black community. She provides insight into the structure of churches and community on the Westside in the 1950s and 1960s, and tells the story of how Victory Baptist grew as a faith center. Jocelyn shares her views on developing strong community, family ties, religion and faith, and the development of the black community.
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