Transcript of interview in two sessions with Samuel Smith conducted by Claytee White, June 17, 2011, and June 22, 2011


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Transcript of interview in two sessions with Samuel Smith conducted by Claytee White, June 17, 2011, and June 22, 2011
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White, Claytee D.
Transcript from interviews with Samuel Smith by Claytee White, June 17, 2011, and June 22, 2011. Smith was a police officer in New York and moved to Las Vegas in 1978, where he became a fire inspector with the Las Vegas Fire Department. In this interview he discusses issues facing the Westside including racism, business development and education.
Sam Smith was born in 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sam moved to New York to finish high school, and stayed in the city to become a police officer. He stayed there until 1978, when he moved to Las Vegas. He took a job as an inspector with the fire department, and remained in that position until he retired in 2003. Sam has always been passionate about education. He organized free reading and math classes to help prepare people for the firefighter exam. In 1991, he opened a bookstore called Native Son. Native Son housed books on black history and culture, and served as a meeting place for people within the community. Native Son closed its doors in 2008, but Sam remained an advocate for reading and education. Sam has become a teacher and mentor to the community through his Academy classes, which aim to help neighborhood boys gain proficiency in reading and writing. He continues to focus on the Westside community through education outreach.
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2011-06-17; 2011-06-22
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