Transcript of interview with Lovey M. McCurdy conducted by Greg McCurdy, March 19, 1981


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Transcript of interview with Lovey M. McCurdy conducted by Greg McCurdy, March 19, 1981
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McCurdy, Greg;
Transcript of interview with Lovey McCurdy by Greg McCurdy, March 19, 1981. Mrs. McCurdy discusses her memories of Las Vegas when she arrived in 1951, as well as her employment and family.
This 1981 interview of Lovey McCurdy was conducted by her son Greg, a University of Nevada, Las Vegas student at the time. Greg is now the Vice President of Corporate Security for sbe Entertainment Group and SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. He is married to Susana McCurdy and has an adult son, Chase McCurdy. Lovey was married 40 years to James O. McCurdy until her untimely death in October 1989. James worked in construction and had a long career at the Nevada Test site. He died in February of 2010. Greg, the interviewer, was the fifth of their six children. Lovey recalls arriving in Las Vegas in 1951 from her birthplace of Forest, Mississippi. As so many others, she moved to the Westside when streets were not paved and there were no sidewalks. Buses ran late and shopping options were sparse. Her first residence was a tiny apartment and in 1956 was among the first to live in the Cadillac Arms. She mentions early community leaders, Jackson Street clubs and restaurants. In time, her three sisters and two brothers followed her to Las Vegas. As each settled in, jobs were difficult. In time each secured positions that lead to better jobs; including being pot washer, ""inspectress,"" maid, and casino work. One brother became one of the Strip's first black maitre d's on the Sands. She reflects on meeting white people in Las Vegas, the bomb test blasts and other aspects of being part of the community during the 1950s and 1960s.
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