Transcript of interview with Jean S. Childs conducted by Claytee White, December 2, 2013


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Transcript of interview with Jean S. Childs conducted by Claytee White, December 2, 2013
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White, Claytee D.
Transcript of interview with Jean Childs by Claytee White, December 2, 2013. Childs served as director of Head Start in Las Vegas for twenty-six years starting in 1972. She was also Regional Head Start Director and worked as a private consultant. In this interview, Childs discusses moving to Las Vegas in 1962, and the areas in which she lived, including Berkley Square. She attended UNLV and worked at Head Start after college. She also discusses the Penguin Club, which was owned by her father.
For twenty-six years starting in 1972, Jean S. Childs passionately and successfully served as Director of Head Start in Las Vegas. Her success would lead to other positions, including being Regional Head Start Director and a private consultant work that took her away for periods of time from Las Vegas. Jean recalls the culture shock of segregation and racism her family encountered upon arriving in Las Vegas from California in 1963. Her mother would demonstrate strength and fortitude as she enrolled her children in Rancho High School, where administrators wanted to hold them back a year without cause. She certainly was a role model for Jean, who carved a path of fighting for the underprivileged, growing the Head Start program in Las Vegas. Jean talks about the community she encountered over the years: Westside, Berkley Square, attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas, local social services developments, her father's bar business called the Penguin Club, David Hoggard and Equal Opportunity Board and much more. And in the end, Las Vegas became the hometown she loves.
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