Transcript of interview with Ruby Amie-Pilot by Barbara Tabach and Claytee White, August 7, 2012


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Transcript of interview with Ruby Amie-Pilot by Barbara Tabach and Claytee White, August 7, 2012
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Tabach, Barbara; White, Claytee D.
Ruby Amie-Pilot moved to Las Vegas in 1952. She worked at the Desert Inn in the kitchen, was the first African American full time sales person at Sears; she also worked as a window dresser with Hazel Gay, and later owned travel agency with Esther Langston. In the interview, Ruby discusses moving to the Westside, Jackson street and housing developments, education, and her experiences with local leaders.
In 1952, Ruby boarded a train in Texas with her two young sons, Curtis Rufus Jr. and Herbert, to join her high school sweetheart and husband, Curtis Amie, in Las Vegas. His family had moved to Las Vegas in the 1940s seeking better job opportunities. Upon arriving, however, Ruby found the living conditions quite appalling. She found work in the Desert Inn kitchen drying and wrapping silverware to supplement the family income and soon they bought their first home, a trailer on the Westside. Always an energetic and spiritual person, Ruby raised four sons and a daughter, each of whom accomplished individual success, and established a long list of fast friendships�everyone knows Ruby Amie-Pilot. Ruby has never been one to shy away and recalls being among those on the front line as the black community demanded equality. She includes her experience of being one of the first to break the color barrier at Strip casinos. Her career path was diverse and filled with achievements: she was the first African American hired as a fulltime sales person at Sears; she worked with Hazel Gay as a window decorator; experienced the challenges of business ownership when she and Esther Langston opened a travel agency; and has actively worked at Palm Mortuary for nearly three decades.
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