Transcript of interview with Isadore Washington by Claytee D. White, February 7, 2008


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Transcript of interview with Isadore Washington by Claytee D. White, February 7, 2008
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Isadore Washington conducted by Claytee D. White on February 7, 2008. Born in Tallulah, Louisiana, Washington came to Las Vegas with his family in 1942 at the age of eight. He recalls playing with Wayne Newton when they were children and life on the Westside. Washington joined the sheriff's department after high school and became the first black deputy sheriff.
Isadore Washington was born in Tallulah, Louisiana, the son of Isadore Washington, Sr., and Destelle Washington. His father came out to Las Vegas in the '30s to work on Hoover Dam, and the family followed in 1942 when Isadore was eight years old. Isadore recalls playing with Wayne Newton when they were children, his mother working at the El Rancho and Last Frontier Hotels, the Shaw Apartments and Harrison boarding house on the Westside where black entertainers were expected to stay, and attending Westside School. He also lists some of the properties that members of his family have built or owned on the Westside. After high school, Isadore joined the sheriff's department and became the first black deputy sheriff. He describes both the uniform he wore and some of the calls he went on as part of his duties. He left Las Vegas in 1960 to work in San Bernardino, and then returned in 1982 to care for his mother. Isadore recalls people and places on the Westside in the eighties, medical care for blacks as far back as the fifties, and renting a room to entertainers after he bought his first house. He also shares some information about his son and daughter. There are many memories of historical events, famous people and places, and activities that span several decades. Isadore was involved in or has some knowledge of much of the history of the Westside and Las Vegas itself.
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