Transcript from interviews with Katherine M. Joseph by Claytee White, October 25, 2004 and September 5, 2007


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Transcript from interviews with Katherine M. Joseph by Claytee White, October 25, 2004 and September 5, 2007
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White, Claytee D.
Two-session interview with Katherine M. Joseph by Claytee White, October 25, 2004, and September 5, 2007. Joseph is a community activist and was a co-worker of Lubertha Johnson, and involved with Operation Independence. In the interview, Johnson discusses her family, her employment, and life on the Westside.
Katherine Joseph's life may have begun in northern California but her mark on Las Vegas began the moment she arrived in 1950: nineteen years old, married, and ready to work. A construction job lured her husband to a position at the Nevada Test Site. Meanwhile, Katherine would fudge a bit on her age and land a job waitressing at the Cotton Club on the Westside. A trained dancer, that background would eventually lead Katherine to a chance to work and travel with Josephine Baker. When she returned to Las Vegas, however, she went back to cocktail waitress work and shares fun anecdotes of that and Jackson Street night life. While she paints a vivid image of the Westside during the 1950s and 1960s, the theme that echoes throughout is the value she placed on the friendships she made and the chance to make a difference. She talks warmly about the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of others' lives through her many years working with Lubertha Johnson, founder of Operation Independence and a leading Nevada civil rights activist.
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Berkley Square; Westside
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2004-10-25; 2007-09-05
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