Transcript from interview with Helen Anderson and Karen Walker by Claytee White and Barbara Tabach, February 21, 2014


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Transcript from interview with Helen Anderson and Karen Walker by Claytee White and Barbara Tabach, February 21, 2014
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Tabach, Barbara; White, Claytee D.
Helen Anderson came to Las Vegas in 1962 from Arkansas, and had her daughter, Karen, in 1967. The pair discusses the family business, Hamburger Heaven, and other businesses on Jackson Street and the Westside. They also talk about hte changes in the neighborhood and their work with the West Las Vegas Citizens for Hope group, and Karen's family services business.
For those who lived on the Westside of Las Vegas from 1955 until the building was sold in 2009, memories of eating at Hamburger Heaven will forever linger. During this oral history interview Helen Anderson and her daughter Karen Walker trace the history of the popular eatery from management by ""Aunt Kat"" to ownership by Helen and her husband, Big Will Anderson. Karen proudly recalls working there as a youngster into adulthood and the charitable nature of her mother with the hungry. She also remembers the influence of her grandmother Ulah Walker as she tells of her personal business to help others in need today. Both reflect on other businesses from the once thriving Westside, the Weed and Seed program, and describe the tumultuous changes brought on during more recent times.
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