Transcript of interview with Arlone Scott by Glen Ette Davis, July 3, 1975


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Transcript of interview with Arlone Scott by Glen Ette Davis, July 3, 1975
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Davis, Glen E.;
Interview with Arlone Scott conducted by Glen Ette Davis on July 3, 1975. Born in Louisiana, Scott moved to Las Vegas in 1951, eventually becoming a hotel maid supervisor. She shares her early experiences of positive race relations among churches in Las Vegas and notes that the Culinary Union improved job opportunities for minorities. Scott concludes with comments on the effects of discrimination and segregation on entertainment and recreation for blacks.
Ms. Scott, born in Louisiana, came to Las Vegas via Los Angeles in 1951. She narrates some of her experiences from that time to the present. Ms. Scott has been an active member of her church and relates early happy experiences in inter-racial relations carried on by various Black and White churches in Las Vegas. Although a high school graduate, because of discrimination against Blacks, Ms. Scott found her only job opportunities in menial work such as dishwashing and maid work. She relates that through the efforts of the Culinary Union new job opportunities were made available to minorities. She is now a supervisor of maids. Ms. Scott describes the small business community of the Westside when she first came to Las Vegas. She sees the expansion of business in Las Vegas as a benefit to all citizens. She makes observations on early housing and street conditions and how weather affected life then. Ms. Scott's religious training and beliefs have kept her largely divorced from gambling, but she makes some observations about gaming as it related to herself personally. She briefly tells how segregation and discrimination affected entertainment for Blacks and limited them to seeking recreation on the Westside.
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