Transcript of interview with Dr. William Sullivan by Claytee D. White, December 20, 2006


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Transcript of interview with Dr. William Sullivan by Claytee D. White, December 20, 2006
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White, Claytee D.
Interview with Dr. William Sullivan conducted by Claytee D. White on December 20, 2006. Sullivan was recruited by University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1978 to be Director of Student Support Services. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Sullivan earned his doctoral degree from University of Utah, where he helped open the Minority Center. As President of the Utah Association of the National Council for Black Studies programs, Sullivan designed minority recruiting strategies for universities.
Dr. William W. Sullivan was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his doctorate over a twelve year period at University of Utah. He helped open the Minority Center there, and was eventually recruited to teach in Missoula, Montana, where he stayed for three years. Dr. Sullivan was president of the Utah association of the National Council for Black Studies programs, and spent some time designing ways to recruit minorities for universities. He shares stories of prejudice against Native Americans in Montana and mean-spirited harassment of himself and roommates in Utah. In 1978, Bill was recruited by Robert Glennon to come to UNLV. He was hired as director of student support services and has been here ever since. He compares the amount of grants written, the number of students, and size of his staff in 1978 to what he works with today, giving an excellent picture of the changes over thirty years. He also comments on changes in the appearance of the Las Vegas Strip and the UNLV campus. Dr. Sullivan oversees many programs which are designed among other things to enrich students' studies, teach them how to study, help their parents with problems, aid adults who wish to return to school, provide in-class high school tutoring, and even help them earn full scholarships to graduate school. His department will help UNLV become a Research One institute by continuing its outreach and hiring highly qualified staff.
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