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Lucille Bryant moved to Las Vegas from Tallulah, Louisiana in 1953. She worked in the housekeeping departments of the Algiers Hotel, the Silver Slipper, the Sands, and the Stardust. The information she shared contains an overview of pre-civil rights era conditions in Tallulah and Las Vegas including housing, schools, and working conditions as well as her experiences with Culinary Union Local 226. She came to Las Vegas by car, the mode of transportation that became popular when the bus station allegedly stopped selling one-way tickets to Las Vegas to African American citizens. Apparently concerns had developed that the local labor supply would be depleted through out-migration. This migration continued over a number of years. Most migrants shared Lucille Bryant's motives; that is to improve her family's opportunities by earning enough money to better support the family. Thirty-one years of Lucille Bryant's career was spent in the linen room at the Stardust Hotel. She remained there that long because she loved the working environment. Lucille and her husband learned to love Las Vegas. They reared five children in the city. As a young couple, the Bryants took advantage of the Jackson Street nightlife and its entertainment. Collection items for Lucille Bryant include: interview transcript; audio clip.
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