Transcript of Interview with Lovell Gaines, July 1, 2009


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Transcript of Interview with Lovell Gaines, July 1, 2009
White, Claytee D.;
Lovell Gaines moved to Las Vegas from Reno in 1975, becoming the local NAACP President in early 1980s. Lovell worked at the Nevada Department of Corrections for over 30 years.
Lovell Gaines talks about growing up in Louisiana and graduating from Louisiana State University. He mentions his service in Vietnam and moving to the Reno area to be near his brother Roosevelt. He describes teaching for one year and then working for the Nevada Department of Corrections for thirty-plus years. Mr. Gaines shares how he got involved with the NAACP in the Reno area and mentions some of the people he worked with there. In 1975 he moved to Las Vegas and in 1980 ran for president of the local NAACP chapter. He mentions many notables from that era, including Jimmy Gay, Ruby Garland, Reverends Jimmy Scott and Marion Bennett. In describing his two-year presidency, Lovell gives a detailed history of the NAACP, including discussions on the consent decree, integration, Freedom Fund Banquets, national conventions, and addressing police brutality and housing issues in Las Vegas. He names many individuals and describes the contributions they made. Mr. Gaines' closing comments include thanks to past generations and an abiding faith in future generations. He mentions his current involvement in recruiting members and showing support, gratitude, and love through cards and letters.
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