Transcript of Interview with Andrew Brewer, July 1, 2009


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Transcript of Interview with Andrew Brewer, July 1, 2009
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White, Claytee D.;
Andrew Brewer became Las Vegas NAACP president in 2008.
Andrew "Andy" Brewer gives a thumbnail sketch of his background through high school in La Grange, Georgia, his military service and attempts to get a job after his release, and his experiences in New York City. He shares that after working in a factory, running a driving school, and working with Trasher as a porter, he ended up as a bus driver for 21 years. After his wife passed away in 1999, Andy was searching for somewhere to retire. He tried the South because his daughters were there, and he lived for a short time in Durham, North Carolina. A visit to Las Vegas in 2000 and a chance meeting with Dean Ishman on Las Vegas Boulevard led to his involvement with the NAACP. Andy recalls chairing a committee in New York that raised money through golf tournaments for Friends of Hale House, and that Dean Ishman suggested he do the same here in Las Vegas for the NAACP. The first tournament was held in 2007 and was so successful that tournaments have been held annually ever since. The money raised provides scholarships for students. Andy's tenure as president of the NAACP began in January of 2008, after Ishman stepped down due to illness. He is very proud of his executive committee and all that they accomplished that year, and details the fund raisers that allowed the NAACP to benefit students with grants, support voter outreach and a prison ministry, and provide guidance for those suffering discrimination. Andrew mentions attending the national meeting with Senator McCain and Barack Obama, a sit-in with Julian Bond, and the NAACP Tri-state Conference in Utah as highlights of his term. He plans to attend future national conventions, mentions the work still to be done in Las Vegas, and closes with gratitude and admonitions to past and future generations.
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