Transcript of Interview with Julia A. Payne, 2004


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Transcript of Interview with Julia A. Payne, 2004
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White, Claytee D.;
Julia Payne, the Executive Director of the Nevada Treatment Center, talks about Las Vegas from the 1960s to the time of the interview.
Julia A. Payne was born in the 1940s in Santa Monica, California. Her parents had moved to southern California from Columbus, Ohio. After Julia graduated from high school in 1963, the family decided to move to Las Vegas where it was “less hectic.” Her father was one of the first African American athletic trainers for a professional football team. Her mother was swim team captain at Ohio State University and knew Dr. Ralph Bunche. For Julia, adjustment to Las Vegas was difficult. The city was not as diverse as Los Angeles. Life was also complex with the death of her mother during childbirth and with Julia giving birth as a teen to her daughter. She left to live in Elko and then returned in 1966—ready to settle into the community. Julia describes the assorted businesses that existed in West Las Vegas, mentions many notable leaders and business owners. She shares the steps of her career development, steps that ranged from maid for four days to telephone operator and eventually the pivotal step to a position with Neighborhood Youth Corps, a part of the EOB. Finding her niche, this leads her to becoming a leader in the drug rehabilitation programs and services. In August 2000, she became the Executive Director of the Nevada Treatment Center.
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Westside, Jackson Street
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F850.N4 L48 2012
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2004-02-11; 2004-03-07
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2-session interview: Feb. 11 and March 7, 2004
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