Transcript of Interview with Marion Bennett, July 2, 2009


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Transcript of Interview with Marion Bennett, July 2, 2009
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White, Claytee D.;
Marion Bennett has served twice as local NAACP President. He also talks about the integration of casinos, schools, and housing. Marion has been the pastor for Zion Methodist for over 40 years.
Reverend Marion Bennett provides details of the NAACP's historic involvement in the integration of casinos and other businesses, schools, and housing. He was hired as pastor of Zion Methodist Church in 1960 and served in that capacity for 44 years. Through the years, Reverend Bennett served twice as president of the NAACP and worked with such notables as J. David Hoggard, Lubertha Johnson, and Woodrow Wilson. He recalls the Freedom Fund dinners, the integration of the work force in casinos, and the protests that were held in Las Vegas. Reverend Bennett was deeply involved in the commitment to integrate blacks into all areas of life in Las Vegas. He lists all those who worked so hard back in the sixties, like Jim Anderson, Charles Keller, Eleanor Walker and many others. He cites the process of integration, which included the Consent Decree against Las Vegas casinos, the Fair Housing Act passed when Paul Laxalt was governor, and creation of the Economic Opportunity Board. In his closing comments, Reverend Bennett thanks those who fought for freedom and civil rights before him, and admonishes future generations to stay vigilant. He believes in helping other generations as his generation was helped by the ones that came before.
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