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Reverend Jesse Scott shares his Louisiana background and his first involvement with the NAACP as vice president of the youth council. He recalls moving to Los Angeles and being urged to get involved in the local NAACP. As chairman of the Labor and Industry Committee, he found that he could make a difference, and gives details of three causes that he monitored. Rev. Scott's commitment in California, which included presidency of the West Side branch and field officer for the West Coast region, ended in 1970, and he details the reasons he left. He was offered a position in the Las Vegas branch and eventually hired on as executive director. This led to the position of executive director of the Equal Rights Commission for the state of Nevada and then four terms as president of the Las Vegas NAACP. He shares many historical facts, stories, and anecdotes about this time in his career. In addition to events, Jesse recalls the people who served with him, speakers at the Freedom Fund Banquets, a
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