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Dean Ishman shares a thumbnail sketch of his background in New York and a brief description of his decision to move to Las Vegas in 1995. He had not been involved with the NAACP in New York, but his work in the church led him to the Inner-Faith Council for Workers Justice. Because of his involvement with that organization, he was asked to serve as president of NAACP in Las Vegas. Dean's immediate predecessors were Spencer Barrett and Gene Collins. He discusses the reorganization of the NAACP after Collins, listing those involved in training and re-chartering. He also recalls the fund raising event that was held after the reorganization (2002) and his ascension to the presidency (2003). As president of the NAACP, Dean recalls instituting phone and mail logs to better track complaints and requests. He also shares memories of Freedom Fund Banquets and the speakers who were invited, the Suave Lopez shooting, and the NAACP branches established in Nevada prisons. Dean discusses his presidenc
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CT247.B75 2009
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