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Jackie Brantley, born in Las Vegas following World War II, grew up in the Westside at a time when the predominately black area of the city was at its peak. She refers to the area as a 'village,' a viable, nurturing community that took care of neighbors and visitors alike. She credits citizens like her grandfather, Henry Moody, with cultivating gentility and hospitality in the neighborhood. He treated stranger and neighbor, old and young, with respect and expected it back. Although Las Vegas had segregated neighborhoods and jobs, Brantley remembers attending schools with kids of many backgrounds. "There was a real melting pot there." Brantley's narrative contains a description of her varied work history, from housekeeping to mid-management public relations. Recognizing value in all types of labor, she believes her first job as a maid instilled a sense of pride in maintaining a clean home. Following her marriage, she worked as a secretary until she sought more exciting work in the casino industry. In the 1970s, she worked as a public relations specialist for the Desert Inn Hotel & Casino, achieving a position that allowed her to use her creative skills and put her in contact with celebrities and entertainers. In 1978, Brantley took a sabbatical from work to spend more time with her son. She returned to her roots on the Westside to regroup and emerged after a short period to return to public relations and modeling school. A three-year stint with the Nucleus Associates followed her short modeling career and allowed Brantley to use her clerical and administrative skills to help bring the Nucleus Business Plaza into reality. She currently works at the Department of Motor Vehicles and hopes to return to college. Her goal is to work as a public relations consultant to the Strip hotels. Jackie Brantley still believes that her beloved Westside continues to be the 'heart of the city.'
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