Transcript of an Interview with Sonny Thomas by Barbara Tabach on February 28, 2013


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Transcript of an Interview with Sonny Thomas by Barbara Tabach on February 28, 2013
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Tabach, Barbara
Sonny (Sandy C.) Thomas is from Fordyce AR. He worked in hotels for over 30 years before securing job as funeral director for which he was trained.
Sandy C. Thomas is better known as Sonny. He is the soft-spoken manager of Thomas and Jones Funeral Home. Ever since he was a teenage in Fordyce, Arkansas, Sonny had aspired to be a funeral director. However, it was a career that would elude him for three decades. In 1959, Sonny arrived in Las Vegas looking for the promised employment opportunities. His first job was as a bus boy at El Rancho. Over the course of the next thirty years, he moved from one job to another, each time gaining more responsibility. His last hotel role was as shipping and receiving manager at the MGM. While working at the MGM, Sonny finally secured a part-time second job with Davis Funeral Home. With his foot in the door, he patiently waited for a more permanent position. He remained with the physical location, which underwent several acquisitions and today is owned by SCI and bears Sonny's last name. Sonny first lived with a sister in Berkley Square. He and his wife Armilla met while working at the Stardust, where she was a "silver girl". They raised their two daughters in North Las Vegas.
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Berkley Square, North Las Vegas
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