Rebel Yell, 1967-07-20


The Rebel Yell, Volume 13, Issue 2, July 20, 1967
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Rebel Yell, 1967-07-20
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ISC Rush Workshop Next Weekend The newly formulated NSU Intersorority Council will sponsor a Rush Workshop July 28-29. to be held on campus. The University's three sororities are requiring their members to attend. Friday, July 28, the girls will meet in SS room 117 from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Mrs. K. W. Vorderstrasse, vice-president of City Panhellenic, will be- their guest speaker. I he workshop will convene again Saturday morning in SS room 103, K a.m. to 12 noon. At that time, introductory remarks will be made by Dianne Abercrombie, |f>( Co ordinator and Miss A. Tippy Smith, faculty advisor. Mrs. (Faith) Vor derstrasse will present the keynote address. later the delegates will break into discussion panels to be followed by a group question and answer period A luncheon is scheduled to follow the Saturday .meeting. Officers of the ISC were formally installed Sunday, July a tea in the Chancellor's Gold Room. Angela DiVicino is the new president. Carole Smith is secretary - treasurer and next in succession, and Karin Borgman is vice-president.Other Council members arc C arol Kingstedt. Nu Sigma Upsilon representative; Colleen Bell. Nu Sigma Upsilon alternate; Pam ( alos. Nu Sigma Upsilon president; Linda Dopico, Phi Delta Chi representative; Linda Clark, Phi Delta Chi alternate; Val Moon. Phi Delta C hi president; Cathie Lincer, Delta Phi Delta representative; Margie Rudishouser, Delta Phi Delta alternate; and Francie Schwaegerle. Delta Phi Delta president The officers of City Panhellenic were guests of the ISC" at the Installation Tea. The Intersorority Council has been in the organizational process since February when Miss Smith, Dianne Abercrombie and Val Moon attended a rush workshop on the Renor campus. l ast month its formulation was completed, and its constitution was prepared. The purpose of the ISC is "to maintain sorority life and intersorority life on a high plane, advance scholastic interests and compile rides governing rushing, pledging and initiation." Dianne Abercrombie, who was affiliated with a national sorority while attending the University of Nevada, explained: "It will organize the sororities, binding them together and creating a different kind of 'harmonious' competition among them. It should promote a better sorortjy image." Dianne and Miss Smith will be assisted in their advisory functions by Dinah Schofield, a member of the national sorority Chi Omega Dinah is the wife of Mr. Paul Schofield, new member of the Personnel Services staff, and she will be a student here this fall. National Social Frat Accepts NSU Chapter Sigma Gamma is now the Kappa Alpha chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity, the first Greek national social fraternity of Nevada Southern University. Petitioning to become a national fraternity started about a year ago, and the goal was realized last month with th« help of initiating teams from four other chapters. The teams came from University of California, Davis, University of Utah, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. On the evening of initiation, June 2. when the former Sigma Gamma fraternity received its Kappa Sigma charter, the Worthy Grand Master, Kichard G. Miller, and the Ritualist, Robert Holbrook. were present for the occasion The following night a banquet was held at the Aladdin Hotel with Mr Cliff Jones, alumni, acting as Master of Ceremonies. At the banquet several men were honored, notably Mr. William Beil?, principal of Clark High School, who received the award of "Outstanding Alumni of 1967." Beg Your Pardon . . . The REBEL YELI extends its apologies to Scott Bell and Alan Weiss, recipients of NSU art scholarship fee waivers, who are majoring in art. not accounting. ISC INSTILS OFFICERS — Pictvrod abova, loft to right, aro Carol* Smith, Metro*.; Karin Borgman, v.p.; Anglola DiVicino, pros.; Dianna Abarcrombie, coordinator, Mia* Tippy Smith, advisor; Linda Dopico; Phi Dalta Chi; Margio Rudi*- hautor, Dalta Phi Dalta; Carol Kingstodt, Nu Sigma Up*ilon. Choral Workshop Opens Sunday A Choral Workshop worth one semester credit hour will be offered at Nevada Southern University, July 23-28. Mr. Paul J. Christiansen will be the instructor for the workshop. Mr. Christiansen is chairman of the Choral Schools and head of the Music Department at Concordia College, Moorhead. Minnesota. ' The workshop is designed to give directors and students of choral music from all sections of the country more information on the methods used in producing the internationally successful Christiansen-trained choirs. Registration will be held Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m. At 6:30 Sunday a banquet will open the workshop, and classes will follow immediately. The Choral School fee is *50 for the entire session. One semester credit hour is $18 and an auditor's fee is $12. Mr. Christiansen will be assisted by Mr. Carl O. Thompson, chairman of the division of Fine and Applied Arts, State College. Bemidji, Minn, and Mr. Richard D. Hoffland, Director of Choirs, Millikin University and Minister of Music, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Decatur, 111. Lamplighters Choose 'Service' As Motto I amplighterv an honorary organization for sophomore women, which has adopted the motto "at your serviie", is now seeking official I rSNS recognition. The group, under sponsorship of Miss Tippy Smith, hopes eventually to become a chapter of SPURS, a national s iphomore service league. —Birring the spring semester Janice f ullman and Cindy DiFiore who were then sophomores attended .1 SPURS convention in Reno. According to Janice, they were most impressed by the enthusiasm of their fellow delegates These girls arc now serving as advisors to the I a-mplighters. Members of the NSU organization must have a 2.5 average or better when they are installed. They must also have a sincere desire to serve the campus and the community and time to contribute. At a picnic luncheon they held at Paradise Park Saturday. June 24, the lamplighters selected their basic uniforms. These will be A-line shifts of white linen featuring a cowl neckline. Ihe girls will also select a pin or an emblem, and they plan to add a jacket or pull over sweatef for winter wear. Prospective plans for the fall semester include a book exchange for students who wish to sell or, buy used textbooks. Lamplighters will also be helping with registration.BUSINESS FRATERNITY LAUDS RETIRING DR. JOHNSON Dr. A. Rex Johnson, retiring Director of the School or Business and past National Vice-president of Alpha Kappa Psi. was honored bv the local chapter of that business fraternity at their final spring business meeting. Dr. Johnson was thanked for his guidance and suppori during the chapter's growth into an established campus organi /at ion and was presented with a set of gold farternity cuff linkv He was recognized as a man who. in four years at Nevada Southern, "has become more than just an educator someone hailed as their own "Mr ( hips" by the thousands of students who have known him " The Director's office door was al ways open anil he kepi an ever ready invitation for all "sit and chat." . Speaking on behalf of the fra ternity. Brian Harris, past chapter president, noted that Dr. Johnson plans to remain at NSU next year in a leaching capacity. Harris pointed out thai though the sign Director, School of Business" will he gone, the line of students outside Dr. Johnson's door will be as long as ewer because one sign will always be there- the one with the letters that spell W-K-l-C-O-M-K. Replacing Dr Johnson as head of the School will be Dr. Tom White, a recent member of Robert MiicNamara's staff. Dr White, past attache to Rumania behind the Iron Curtain and a retired Air Force Colonel, will assume his new duties Sept. I. Journalism Classes To Staff University Newspaper, Annual A cooperative program between Ihe CSNS government and the School of Humanities will allow foi a journalism program which will combine the beginning reporting class (Journalism 221-222) with a publications workshop for students working on the campus newspaper and the yearbook. The program begins this fall Fot the first time, under the new system, students working on publications will receive course credit, this amounting to three units per semester The course, open to freshmen through seniors lexcept f-'nglish A students) will be taught by Mr I rank Whitaker. Director of the NSU Office of Information and Publications Whitaker. who received his H.A in journalism from Indiana University, has more than seven years experience on daily and weekly newspapers as a writer and editor. Before coming to NSU he was Medical-Science Writer for Ihe University of Southern California School of Medicine and Assistant Director of the USO News Bureau July 20, 1967 THE REBEL YELL 3 PYRAMID ICE CREAM NOVELTIES ♦ * * Available At Your Local Supermarket BONANZA PRINTERS Printer of THE REBEL YELL 309 South First Street Phone 382-1006 Complete Printing Service Letterpress — Lithography — Rubber Stamps GlobB UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP HEALTH SUMMER RATES STUDIOS I MO. f°r $10 (On Membership Basis) 384-2087 10th and Charleston *★★ ★ * Anderson •w . DAIRY PRODUCTS 'Final with tke FuteAi' 1440 Las Vegas Blvd. North P.O. Box 560 • 642-7507 LAS VEGAS. NEVADA ♦ ★★★ ★ ★
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