Costume design drawing, female dancer in a blue cape/gown for Pzazz! 70, Las Vegas, circa 1970


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Costume design drawing, female dancer in a blue cape/gown for Pzazz! 70, Las Vegas, circa 1970
A costume design drawing of a female performer dressed in a sparkling blue cape and sheer blue chiffon gown. While the sheer gown drapes across the female's body and slightly hangs behind her, the blue cape of the costume fully covers her arms and acts like a hooded cover for her head. Dangling from her wrists and ears are sparkling silver pieces of costume jewelry.
Costume Details
Light pink and purple fabric swatches of the costume are attached to the upper left corner of the costume drawing. Although there is an abundance of handwritten words along the borders of the image, some of the most legible words lie in the bottom right corner of the image and read: "Kathy Landry; SG- Sketch #81."
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2012-05; Box 1 of 2
Original Collection
1969; 1970; 1971
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