Costume design drawing, mini-skirt costumes with black and white paisley tops, Las Vegas, 1967

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Costume design drawing, mini-skirt costumes with black and white paisley tops, Las Vegas, 1967
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Six variations on costume featuring micro mini-skirt with black belt, black shoes with white buckles, short flared coats or tops in black and white large paisley design, matching hats. First costume is sleeveless and has yellow collar and two large buttons vertically over the chest; second costume is sleeveless and features red lining and red bow tied across the chest; third costume features orange bow tied under the chest; fourth costume has long right sleeve, sleeveless on left side, features green lining, green bow tied under chest; fifth costume features purple lining, long sleeves; sixth costume is long sleeved and features two slits in front of top, blue lining. "Turquoise" is written by third costume. Also includes black and white sketches of costumes.
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MS 2000-19 Josephine Spinedi Collection OSB4 Spinedi-28
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