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Costume design drawing, pink, black, and yellow feathered showgirl costume, Las Vegas, 1974 Sheer showgirl costume in pink, black and yellow decorated with jewels, accompanied by long, feather cape (or train) in matching colors; matching headpiece decorated with jewels.
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Costume design drawing, Spanish dance couples, Las Vegas, circa 1970s Two couples in rust and peach-colored flamenco costumes. Women are in beaded long silk dresses, men in boleros trimmed with jewels, frilled shirts and high-waisted trousers; one woman has fox fur trim on her dress and is wearing a tiara-type...
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Costume design drawing, gold jeweled showgirl costume with headpiece and gold bands, circa 1965-75 Female gold, turquoise, and white jeweled costume with gold arm and leg bands. Similar to Spinedi-16. Artist's notations: "4 small, 4 small, 1 large, 2 small gold, 1 pearl, 1 gold- Boy's lead nudes, gold band."

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