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Film transparency of the Overland Hotel at night (Las Vegas), 1948-1951 The Overland Hotel and other Fremont Street establishments between 1948 and 1951.
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Photograph of a covered walkway in the Tropicana courtyard (Las Vegas), 1957 A covered walkway in the courtyard area of the Tropicana Hotel in 1957.
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Proposal for the Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, documents supporting petition for New... Information regarding the proposed Sahara Boardwalk Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, including applicant information, project description, project graphics, other agency approvals, financing plans, impact studies, and anticipated legal issues. Unbuilt project. Del E. Webb Corporation, developers; Martin Stern, Jr.; A.I.A...
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Photograph of the Hollywood Park guest wing at the Sands Hotel (Las Vegas), 1950s Hollywood Park - one of five two-story buildings which housed guests at the Sands in the 1950s. The five buildings were all named after famous American racetracks.
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Photograph of the front exterior of the Hotel Nevada (Las Vegas), circa 1910 Hotel Nevada after the addition of a balcony. Transcribed from photo sleeve: "by Florence Lee Jones ... March, 1969. Early Las Vegas History. The Hotel Nevada, at the Southeast corner of Main and Fremont Streets, is the oldest continuous hotel...
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Proposal for the Xanadu Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas), October 30, 1975 Binder containing the proposal for the Xanadu resort, including conceptual sketches, pictures of mockups, and detailed proposal documents. Unbuilt project. Page 75 of proposal is missing. Stamped or labeled on back of photos: "Photography by Julius Shulman. P.O. Box...
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Architectural drawing of the International Hotel (Las Vegas), second floor plan, section G, August 5,... Architectural plans for the International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada from 1968. Includes locker notes, floor plan notes, and revisions. Drawn by R. Baldwinson and E. P. H. Berton Charles Severson, architect; Brian Walter Webb, architect; R. Baldwinson, delineator.

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