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Film transparency of the pool and courtyard area at Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn (Las Vegas),... Long view of the swimming pool and courtyard at the Desert Inn. The neon sign over the resort's entrance is visible from the courtyard.
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Photograph of the Sal Segav Club on Fremont Street (Las Vegas), 1935 Looking east down Fremont Street from the railroad depot with the Sal Segav in the foreground.
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Photograph of Circus Circus exterior shortly after opening (Las Vegas), 1968 View of the Circus Circus Casino shortly after opening. Paper residue left on photo. Stamped on original: "Please credit Las Vegas News Bureau"'
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Photograph of Harrah's Marina Resort, Atlantic City, circa 1980 Exterior view of Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City.
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Photograph of the Hotel Las Vegas (Las Vegas), 1905 The Hotel Las Vegas was the first hotel in Las Vegas, a tent set up for people who came to participate in the land auction. Managed by Pop Squires." Transcribed from back of photo: "Hotel Las Vegas 1905. Hotel...
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Proposal for the Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, documents supporting petition for New... Information regarding the proposed Sahara Boardwalk Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, including applicant information, project description, project graphics, other agency approvals, financing plans, impact studies, and anticipated legal issues. Unbuilt project. Del E. Webb Corporation, developers; Martin Stern, Jr.; A.I.A...

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