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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother June 7, 1907

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LINCOLN DAVIS & COMPANY BROKERS P.O. Box 334 GOLDFIELD, NEV. MEMBERS: GOLDFIELD STOCK AND EXCHANGE BOARD CHICAGO MINING AND STOCK EXCHANGE June 7, 1907 Dear Mother: Just received yours and Terassy's letters of the 2nd and 3rd. Am glad to know that you are not bad sick and hope the weather gets nice there, when I hope you will all be well. It has been raining and cold here for some time. Yesterday we had a terrible hail and thunder storm. Bet Hick and Pete did have a good time going to mill. How I wish I could have went with them. I would have enjoyed it as much as either one of the kids. Tell the kids I will try and bring them a few old rags when I come home if I don't got them all wore out before. I am falling back on some old duds myself now. You remember that black sateen shirt I brought from home in my trunk. You know I wore one from home. Well I put that on for the first time the other day so I am fixed for a shirt for a couple of months.C. I will hav e to blow myself for some underwear though and a little other truck of thatkind. I have cut out skating for Money is getting to be quite an item now and I am going to save every dollar I can. Can promise you that there is no gambling for me now. Stocks are way down clear out of sight so I can't sell any of rains now to get dough to come home on and will have to depend on my salary. I had to suffer a cut in wages when I commended to work for Davis. I think I can clear $50.00 or $60.00 a month easy enough. The other boys are working every day. The Boss said I would have to be here for the fall boom so I guess I will have to get home the last of Aug. if I get home at all. There is absolutely nothing doing here now and I do not have one hours work a day. I am lucky to have even this job for there are a great many office men here in camp now that would like to work for enough to keep them. 0f course when business gets better I will get better wages. There will not be much high living for me for a couple of months for I don't intend to sacrifice any of my stocks and miss getting a good profit on them next Fall. We are going to stay in the Tent this summer I guess. Was sorry to hhear of the death of John Lambert. Uncle John was a man I could remember that Dady used to tease about the beer check. I always liked him. Did not know thathe had a brother and sister. John just got a letter from Grover yesterday. Am glad he has stuck to school like he has. I hope for Grandpas sake he will get to be more sociable with the family. Will be glad to hear from Jep. You can let him read the letters if you want to. Am glad Grandpa Rinker got his letter and hope to hear from him. Will have to write Grandpa Fenwick a letter. Canhe see to read a type-written letter. I would like to get a letter from both my Grand-dadys written by their own hand. You ask about Hurry's sister. The youngest one is the one I was telling you about and she is about 25 I think. she is older than Hurry. He writes home often. I have not heard from Asa Clark for two years or more. Woul d like to see him. Do not know whether Mrs. Condon will come out this summer or not. I know she will not come unless things get brighter than they are now.



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother June 7, 1907
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Letter to his mother. In the last portion of his letter he listed the various companies and mines that he has stock in within Nevada.
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