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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, July 1, 1907, page 3

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M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENT R.J. SHOEMAKER, SECRETARY THOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PRESIDENT LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURER MOHAWK LEDGE MINING COMPANY GOLDFIELD, NEVADA P.O. BOX 334 2 I did not see a cactus on the way. That is one like I sent home. I saw several that were as large as those old lilac bushes. They were that tall and covered that much ground but of course they were built different from a lilac bush. Well I will try to answer your letters now. You spoke about Cunninghams. Said Reba was there while May and Terassy went to church. Which Cunnimgham and where do they live: I have been thinking quite a lot about your hands and arms and hope that you are getting the best of that poison by this time. It must be in your blood. It looks like the doctor would be able to help you mammy and he had better get a hustle on him for I know you are having a terrible time. Now don't you tell me they are getting better when they are not? I want to know just how you are. I am glad to know that both GrandPas are feeling fairly well. I want you to read my letters to them. I am going to write Grandpa F. as soon as I get straightened out. Mother I fully appreciate how close you have been run this summer. I know how us kids us-ed to have to stay at home on account of clothes but I know it didn't hurt us a bit. You must have had it the same way but I am sure we are all just as well off. I hope though to be able to settle the clothes question for the kids. Evey thing is going pretty slow to me here. I thought I would get a Kodak and send you pictures and that would kind of help you to get along as far as having me there was concerned. Now don't you think for a minute that I will be here one day longer than I feel it necessarry. I would like to get to talk to Mr. Stewart all day. You must pass those papers around to all the folks after you have finished them. Jep is the only one outside of my own home that has ever wrote to me. I know how they are about writing though. Now you don't want to forget that Auto ride and it will not be in a borrowed one either. To tell the truth about it I have almost sold my shirt to buy stock . I am short of changse but I am eating when meal time comes round and when I don't have change I don't spend it. There are so many places to let go of a few dollars in a very short time. I am living as close as possible and I intend to make a good cleaning some day. Mohawk Ledge looks better than ever. I think I will have a valuable claim down there. It sure looks great now. Taylor is going to do the work on it as soon as he goes back down there. Guess Jeff will not go home this summer. Have not heard Hurry say anything about going lately. Now you don't want to worry about me getting sick. I have been feeling fine all the time and there is absolutely no danger from Pnuemonia now. There is no one working for Macs now. They are not doing muoh business. I guess we will let the claims go that we located on that trip north. I have not got the money to handle them myself and Macs wont do anything with them. They run out the 19th day of this month. Say you ask about Tamales. They are made of Chopped chicken, corn meal, and red peppers. There is about a cup full of chopped chicken rolled in meal until the meal is about l/2 inch thick all around the chicken then it is wrapped up in corn shucks and steamed until thoroughly cooked. They are hot but mighty good. Have not seen John since I wrote you he was in the office with me that evening. He is O.K. thoughfor if he had been sick he would have let me know. He may have been around yesterday but you know I was gone. He nearly always comes around of a Sunday. Glad to know you get to talk to Viola once in a while and I do hope that you will go to see her. I know we would all feel better all around when you do.



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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, July 1, 1907, page 3
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