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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother July 1, 1907

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M.J. MONNETTE, PRESIDENT R.J. SHOEMAKER, SECRETARY THOS. H. CONDON, VICE-PRESIDENT LINCOLN DAVIS, TREASURER MOHAWK LEDGE MINING COMPANY GOLDFIELD, NEVADA P.O. BOX 334 July 1, 1907 Dear Mother: Your letters of 23 and the 26th were received. The 26th was received this morning. But before I try to answer themi to tell you all about the trip we took yesterday. The kid that was to go with us to show the way did not show up Saturday night so Jefferson and I decided to make the trip alone. Hurry could not go because he could not get away from the P.O. I went home early Saturday night and got everything ready in the old clothes line, or rather in the way of old clothes, for the trip. I went to hay.Jeff did not come in until about 3;00 Saturday night and I thought it was all off when it come to the trip. I was pretty sore Sunday morning when he come in. I did not say anything to him but gave up the trip. I tried to wake him about 6;00 0'clock but he was dead to the world. I shaved and put on my Sunday best and about 7;30 took my Kodak and started up town. As I went out at the door it woke him up and he called me. I went back and he asked me if it was too late to go. I had intended to start at about 6;30. Well I wanted to go so bad that I told him we would try it. He hustled out of bed and I changed my clothes and we run up town and got some breakfast and got to the livery stable and got our bronchos and at about 8;15 started out. We lost a lot of time getting out over the Malapi. I think I have told you before what the Malapi is. It is a range or Mountain about 400 feet high that goes about 1/3 way around Goldfield. It is level as a table on top but on the side next to Goldfield it is straight up in places. There are several different trails out over it and we got on the wrong trail and had to come back and start over again. It was the first time out of camp for Jeff and he thought it was pretty strong. You can see this mountain from Goldfield very plain as it is only a couple of mile away but when you oome to climbing it is a different thing. We finally got our bronks on top and started out. It was getting pretty hot by that time. We rode over all kinds of trails and rocky and steep places . I was not exactly sure of our way and Jeff knew nothing about it. You know I had been down to the place before but I went over the wagon road. The bridle trail is altogether different. We rode hard for a couple of hours and Jeff thougt we had gone about 20 mile when we were not more than 10 mile from Goldfield. By the way we were getting a little dry too. We did not think in our excitement at starting, to take any water along. There we were . Out in the dessert in a broiling sun and no water and not exactly sure where we were. We kept going and in about an hour and a half I begin to see hills that looked natural. I was soon sure of my way and we pushed on pretty hard and about 12;30 we landed at the camp. Tell you we were glad to get water. To make things worse they did not have a bit of horse feed at the oamp. This was all our horses had. They had good water though. We tied our horses and one of the boys took us over to Taylors property and we had a look at that while they were getting dinner ready. You remember that high hill I told you about climbing when I was down there the first of March. It is about 500 feet high and covered with loose shale or what you would call slate broken up in small pieces. Every step you would take up you would slide back. It was the first hill climbing Jeff had ever had and it was pretty tough on him. We had to climb it to get to Taylors Mine. I though for a while that Jeff would not make it but he finally reached the top. We looked around awhile and then came back to the



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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother July 1, 1907
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Letter to his mother. In this four page letter he briefly addressed July 4th and goes into detail on a trip he took to find his claim. He described the Malapi Mountain range in great depth as well as his claim and the land around it.
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