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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 11, 1906, page 2

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Everything seems to be coming my way so far. If I had $1000.00 here I believe it could be doubled in a month at least. I bought some stock last Friday at 10 cents. Bought 1000 shares and the Company are going to let me make payments on it. I could have taken the stock to the Exchange Saturday night and sold it for 17 cents and I have not put up anything on it yet. I am going to hold it as I believe it will go to 40 or 50 cents if not higher. I will have to make a payment when I draw my next check. You see I am $70.00 ahead in two days. I could make that much clear if I wanted to sell the stock. I bought 1000 shares of the Rochester-Goldfield at 12 1/2 cents the first week I was here. This stock is not listed on the Exchange so you see I would not be able to sell it there, but I can get 20 cents for it easy enough if I wanted to sell it. It is selling from the Treasury now at 30 cents. I may not be so lucky on all my deals but I tell you everything looks good to me now. That Rochester-Goldfield will be listed on the Exchange in about five weeks and I think it will be selling for better than 50 cents at that time. They advise me to hold on to it. Now probably you think I am talking through my hat, but the cash could be in my hands if I wanted it. That stock I have with Condon seems to be going to prove out good. The Rochester-Goldfield stock is what I wrote to several Daleville people and tried to get them to buy it. I have heard from none of them yet but unless I hear from them in the next two days they will be too late to get it at the price of 20 cents. This was what the stock was selling for at the time I wrote them. I bought this stock and am making payments on it. I could sell it at any time I want to. Guess I will take more of this Rochester before the price goes any higher. I am going to make or break and that is one thing sure. The Bosses advised me to buy a certain stock last week at 15 cents. I was a little afraid of it and it was selling yesterday at 80 cents. There is a great boom on now and everything is going up fast. There are a great many stocks that will be likely to take a drop however. Some of the stock that started out at 15 cents less than a year ago is selling for $22.00 per share now. Well I have several more that I have to write to tonight so I will ring off. Hoping that you are all well, I am, Your Son, Earle Coal oil costs 80 gal. P.S. Tell Terassy I got het letter and was glad to have her write. John said to tell you that he goes to Church regular. Says he tries to go once every year(and that is regular). I told him that none of the folks there knew what he was doing and he said he thought they did. Says he don't that it makes any difference. C.A.E.R. There are about 15 people In the office all the time and I have been trying to write and hear all the news to.



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 11, 1906, page 2
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