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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 11, 1906

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MACMASTER & MACMASTER MINING STOCK BROKERS P.O. BOX 1063 GOLDFIELD, NEV. Sunday Nov. 11, 1906 Dear Mother; I received your letters yesterday. Had intended write last night but the Boss came over to my desk and told me I could go out with the Bunch today and see some more of the country. One of the bosses and several Capitalists went out to the Rochester-Goldfield again today. I was sure enough glad to get to go with them.. We had pictures taken at the Mines and I will send you some of them as soon as they are finished. One of the Boys killed a Scorpion while we were out. That Monster that you asked about is not as large as its name sounds. They are about three times as large as a Ground puppy and are something on the Lizard style. One of them is about ten times as deadly as a Rattler. You asked about my muffler. I found it in my trunk. My coat was not hurt very much and I got it cleaned up in good shape. My room has not growed very much. Guess I will stay there this winter. I just got good news this evening. That fellow, Ray Jefferson, that I roomed with in Parker for so long is coming to Goldfield and will reach here tonight or tomorrow night. I will get him for a room mate if possible. Expect the Doctor will leave for the East the last of this week. I am going to get a little lamp that burns coal oil to put in my room. It has a wick about 4 inches wide and the globe is made of heavy tin and ising- glass. There is a little iron frame made over the top of the lamp that you can set a pan on. I will be able to have warm water to wash of mornings. The lamp will cost me about $1.50. One dollar does not mean very much out here, but I am going to get as many of them as possible. I have been feeling fine and glad to know that you fellows are all well. You just keep well and I am sure I will. The weather has been extra nice here for November. It never gets much below Zero here but the winds make it worse than if it was 20 below Zero in such weather as we have in Indiana. I willbe able to dress for that however. Went out to a fire Friday night. They have a small fire bell here but the general alarm is sounded by everyone shooting their pistols. There have been several fires here since I came and when the boys get to shooting you would think there was a battle going on. I had just got in bed and it was about midnight when the alarm was sounded. The Doc. was just ready to get in bed and we both went to the fire. He is a dandy fellow. He gives me a lecture every day about using tobacco. He does not drink or use tobacco in any way. He stays around the office of a night until I go to the room. We are both about half afraid to go by ourselves. We have a good place to eat. Everything is good and clean. We had chicken for Dinner this evening and I almost choked on the feathers. It was good though and I did not waste any of it trying to get rid of the feathers. We have tea, coffee and manufactured milk to drink. All the bread and butter we want and any kind of meat in any style you want it cooked. We get soup of some kind every meal and for breakest we get a plate of hot cakes besides our meat and soup and for dinner we get Pie or dessert of different kinds. Tell you I am eating hearty enough.



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, November 11, 1906
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Letter to his mother. The last half of the letter discusses the stock market, specifically money he invested into the Rochester-Goldfield stock.
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