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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother January 3, 1907

MACMASTER & MACMASTER MINING STOCK BROKERS P.O. BOX 1063 GOLDFlELD,NEV. Jan. 3, 1906 [handwritten: must be '07] Dear Mother:- Received your letter day before yesterday and was so busy tnat I have not had much time to answer it. It is pretty late now but I will write a few lines. I have been working for Condon all evening. I wish I could be there for I would have liked to see the wedding. I am sorry that the kids were dlsappointed with their preacher. I hope they get some one else that suits them and not the disinterested parties. The kid certainly blowed himself for his wedding suit. I see where he is right however and am sorry that I am not in position to give them a present just now. I will send them something in a short time that will do them just as much good as it would if it had been there for them at the time they were married. Am glad to know that you will have a well, or have a prospect of getting a well. What did you get for the hoss. How is Billie's thumb? Bet he is a corker by this time. Guess I will not leave the camp. It takes money to get out of this place and as long as I am drawing a salary I will make it O.K. I have been buying stock all the time with every cent I could scrape up. As far as ready cash is concerned I would not have money enough to kiss a Jay Bird's -—- if Turkeys were selling at ten cents each. I have stocks that I could sell at any time however and get up enough cash to bring me home if necessary. I am not wanting for plenty to eat. I am really living better here than I ever did at any place besides home. I got that fob alright and it is a dandy. It was just what I needed. You remember the brass chain I was wearing at home. I had been wearing that all the time. I have been feeling tip top for several days. Saw John this evening just as I was finishing my dinner he came in for his. Have never gave his handkerchief yet. It is laying here in my desk. I always forget it. I will get him to come in for it. I have been working to beat thunder the last few days. Things are looking pretty blue for the camp. The strike is not settled yet and they are looking for trouble. If the strike gets settled in time we will have a great boom here and things will come my way without a doubt. I am counting on Condon making me some money. He is going to put me in on the ground floor as much as possible. The weather has been pretty nice for the last few days. Hurry is still at the P.Office. He works at night and sleeps in the day. Jeff is making it alright. We all signed up an agreement on new years eve that we would not booze or gamble for a year. I had not been boozing but I had been playing the wheel to some extent. I mean the Roulette wheel. I am several dollars ahead on this game. I quit at the right time. They do not look upon gambling here as they do back there. Every one, or almost every one gambles to some extent. I wish you could only see the Gambling here. Everything is very orderly and you never seen any trouble in a saloon or gambling house over the games. Hope you are all well and everything is coming O.K. Your Son, Earle
C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother January 3, 1907
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Rinker writes about a hometown wedding, his salary and living conditions, a railroad strike, and gambling and drinking.
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