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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Apr. 15, 1907, page 2

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Hope things get straightened out at Grandpa Rinker's soon. I would like to see him. You fellows seem to be prosperring O.K. Just keep going and I know things will come our way after while. Glad Dady has made good at [K?] & J's. They sure appreciate his work. That work must be pretty hard on him. You must both take as much care of yourselves as possible. Am glasd to know that At & May are making it O.K. I knew they would. Suess At has a boss now. Hope she makes him mind. They ought to wake up and get May's money if they possibly can. I was telling the boys about Ben the other day. I sure will be glad to [drive?] him again. Tell you we talk about any old thing. We get so tired of the same old Sage brush and nothing to interest us that we are glad to go to bed as son as it gets dark. Some evenings we have a big camp fire with sage brush. Have never heard from Brubaker since I left Goldfield. That picture on the card is nothing like our outfit. We have two big mules and a big covered wagon. Tell Billie he is mistaken if he sees me in that picture. Am sorry that Grover treats you the way he does. Hope Jep is better by this time. I know it hurts John the way Grover [does?]. I would like for you and Dady to have the best of this trip. Am afraid you could not have walked



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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Apr. 15, 1907, page 2
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