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Girl in front of Bottle House, Goldfield, Nevada

Girl in front of Bottle House, Goldfield, Nevada
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Made of 10,000 beer bottles, Goldfield, Nev.
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0350 0081
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Jeanette Peck2015-05-19 @ 04:16 PM
I have the original picture. My Great Grandfather, William Freemont Peck built the original bottle house in 1902, in Tomopah, Nevada. The girl standing in the doorway is my great aunt Mary (Molly) Peck, she was 6 years old at the time, being born in 1896. If you look closely, my grandfather is sitting on the stoop on the other side of the door. My grandfather, Wesley Winfileld Peck was 2 years old being born in 1900. This is not the best copy of this photo. Will F. Peck could do anything with cement, being a master at using it. you can tell any of the bottle houses he worked on or built by the cement corners.and the fact that there is no wood used in building the houses. When you have this picture centered on your page and then arrow to the right quite a few pictures you will find my grandfather standing in front of the same house. The window to the right of the door looks like a door on this picture, which does not surprise me as my great grandfather had to be working on something constantly and he would have been making changes. I believe that this house was actually built in 1900 right after my grandfather was born. My great grandmother, Amanda Peck, was interviewed by a local newspaper about the bottle house, which turned into a pretty long interview. Amanda explained that Will would pay the local Indians an amount of money per wheel barrel to bring beer bottles to him each morning from the local bars. Ananda explained that they did live in the bottle house as a family for four years, and that she was pregnant with her third child, my great aunt Alice, when they were moving out to live somewhere else. Aunt Alice was born in 1904. As a child I saw the bottle house and my whole family was horrified to find out the building was torn down when it was in the process of being made a building that would be protected by the State of Nevada, and this was done before it was protected. I grew up in the 50's and 60's living and breathing cement as the art of what my great grandfather did was passed down to my grandfather and then my father Wesley William Peck.. If you look at these pictures you can easily see which buildings my great grandfather was involved in building or helping to build. After leaving this area Will F. brought his family to the Los Angeles area of California. At one time the sidewalks of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica basically the whole West Side of Los Angels County was done by either my Great Grandfather, my Grandfather or my Father. It is amazing what you can do with cement. The bottle house was cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. And I remember when I was in it with the butt of the bottles facing out and the openings facing towards you in the house, with the sun shinning through, it was simply beautiful.
Digital Collections staff2015-05-22 @ 11:31 AM
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this story of your family and their amazing talents, Jeanette! And thank you for visiting our digital collections :)

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