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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Mar. 14, 1908, page 2

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are working. So you see that is the reason I get to work at the mind. It is practically an open camp now. I am glad to get all the news about the stock and while I don't have anything to write back about the stock I am glad to hear what you are doing in that line. You would get about 45 cents a pound for chickens in Goldfield Mytra said. Yess Hurry got his wages cut to $100.00 a month. All he clerks did. He never says anything about going home or at least we have never talked about it for a long while. In fact we never talk much about anything. We get along so much better when we don't. We set down to many a meal and finish it without speaking. When he gets breakfast of a morning he calls me when he gets it ready and I call him when I get it ready and that is about all there is to it. Now you may think that is kind of a funny way to do business but we don't notice it anymore. I know the kids must be getting clear away from me. I expect to see quite a change in all of them but you and Dady I think wll be just the same as when I left. Myrta told me I had made a big mistake when I told you I got 6 or seven pounds of apples for two bits. Well I certainly did for I meant we got six or seven apples for two bits. They sell them by the pound but it is six or seven small apples we got instead of seven pounds. I forgot just what Myrta said they were a pound. I just ask for two or four bits worth of appkles and don't know the price per lb. A bit is 12 1/2ยข. They never say twenty five cents or fifty cents or a dollar and a half, or anything like that. It is two bits, six bits, dollar six bits etc. Well I will have to quit for this time and get to other letters. I have received three different letters from Parker yesterday and today. One letter brought me a Money order for $30.00 for my Parker Goldfield stock that I paid $100.00 for while I was in Parker. I was darn glad to get shut of it at that. Baby Florence don't seem to be booming much but I am ging to hold that stock awhile for I think they stand a pretty good chance to get some ore. Good Bye for this time Earle Oh Yes, Myrta told me while I was over there today that I would have to come for dinner tomorrow. [written upside-down on in ink bottom of page: Cary Daniel Hickman Rinker, Born Feb. 25, 1891 Cary Daniel Hickman Rinker, Feb. 25, 1891 Reba Rinker Daleville Ind. [neither in Earle Rinker's handwriting?] written sideways in left margin: I sent two papers today and I want you to save the one I marked. It is all B.S.]



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Mar. 14, 1908, page 2
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