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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Dec. 7, 1907, page 5

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Say I started to say something in my main letter about my new aunt not seeing me yet. Thoguth I had better tell you about it in this note. Well they were up here the other day & didn't stop in so I just thought if she wanted to see me very bad I would let her come here. John was here Thurs. eve and wanted me to come down Friday eve. I didn't think I was able to go so I staid at home. It looks as though he thought she wouldn't be welcome here. No I don't think that is the matter. I am darned anxious to get into that jelly though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now here comes the rub. You & Dady don't owe me a cent but I would like to borrow a little if you can spare it handily. Now if you can't I can get it here. I paid Jeff what I owed him & it stripped me. Now I tell you folkses it hurts like the devil to write hom to you like this but I don't want to sell my stock & the hard cash is a skeerce article. I would like to go down to Los Angeles for a while for I can live there for hald what I do here and it will only cost me 20.00 to go there. Then if things don't pick up in the west it would be as cheap to get home from Los Angeles as it would from Goldfield. I think Heber will be able to get me a job down there too. Now you don't need to be in a hurry to send any money & if you can't spare it easily why don't you send it it at all. I can get it from the boys here but I don't like to hit them unless I have to. I would rather no one but you & Dady & possibly Grandpa R. if you saw fit to tell him, would know nothing about it. Dady could send Post Office Money Order from Muncie. Post Office money order is the bst. Now if you haven't got any ready cash I don't want you to send anything when when you need it there. Earle



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Dec. 7, 1907, page 5
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