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Goldfield Hotel

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Goldfield Hotel
Group Creator
Identified Corporate Bodies
0350 Album III, 3.2
Original Collection
City or Town
Graphic Elements (TGM)
Collection Subject (TGM)
City & town life;
DC Type
Genre (TGM)
Is Part Of,4
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TIFF scanned at 400 dpi on Epson Expression 10000X using EPSON Scan Ver. 2.94A.
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image/tiff; 21.0 MB

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Mike Paro2009-07-16 @ 08:13 AM
I have one of the origanal spittoons from the Goldfield Hotel Iwwonder if it,s worth anything?
Frank2009-07-31 @ 05:17 PM
I have one also and was doing research on it. Does your spitoon have an engraved label on it?
Steve George2009-09-12 @ 06:35 PM
I also have a spittoon with an engraved label.
It has a brass bottom and the upper half is copper. I would be interested if it has value!
jennifer moffett2009-09-25 @ 11:23 PM
i have one as well it dose have the engraved label. it is wired where i live that it made it this far but it did i have been doing some looking on line but i have found nothing on weather it is worth any thing or not i have only had a couple of days though
G T Mason2009-10-29 @ 11:32 AM
I have a spittoon too like the ones described above. I think it is pretty certain these spitt0ons including mine are reproductions with the value of a reproduction which is probably more in Goldfield than some other place.

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