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H.I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 2

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J.R.C.-2 counts the actual wages, so far as they could he determined, and pro-rating the balance, including the salary of Dr. Bracken, the result is as follows for ten months this year ending October 31st: Inventory Jan.l, 1904 Wages Supplies Total Receipts Inventory Oct.31, 1904 Total Net Ranch Hotel Store 1587.03 3844.16 986.65 496.94 2148.35 951.45 5116.75 5992.51 1938.10 7200.72 4887.27 1300.45 5035.23 2720.51 4887.27 1300.45 7755.74 1105.24 637.65 555.02 Loss Loss ProfitTotal 1587.03 5327.75 8216.55 15131.33 11222.95 2720.51 13943.46 1187.87 The above does not include any freight charges from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, and if these properties had paid even the company rate of one half cent per ton per mile the total loss would have been increased and the profit on the store decreased.No account has been kept by Mr. Bracken of the meat, vegetables and fruit furnished by the ranch to the hotel, which supplies should be credited to ranch and debited to hotel account, but vice versa there has been no record of the meals furnished free by the hotel to the ranch employees and the one may be considered as offsetting the other, or at any rate as not affecting the net loss on the ranch and hotel, which is fairly accurate as shown, or $1742.89 in ten months. This amount includes certain charges for equipment, as follows: ( Store receipts $5035.23 include value of supplies shown by Dr. Bracken as having been furnished to Banch $77.90, Hotel $675.58.)



H.I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 2
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