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J.R.C.-3From whom purchased Article ValueStrevell-Paterson Hdwe.Co. Hotel Range, ......... $102.45Utah Implement Co. Double Shovel Plow, ...... 4.00Strevell-Paterson Hdwe.Co. Butchering Kettle, ...... 2.75H.B.Prout Wagon,............ 137.00H.B.Prout Harrow, ........... 13.00H.B.Prout 2 Wooden Pulleys, ...... 1.00Boston Optical Co. 1 Pr. Binoculars,....... 47.70Strevell-Paterson Hdwe.Co. 1 Alarm Clock, ........ 1.25Strevell-Paterson Hdwe.Co. 2023# Barb Wire, ....... 67.76Baker & Hamilton, . . 1 Disc Plow,......... 64.00Salt Lake Saddlery Co., 1 Pr. Driving Iridles, .... 4.50Strevell-Paterson Hdwe.Co. Wine Funnel, • ........ 1.50Con.Wagon & Machine Co. Hay Rake,.......... 41.20Henry Rippe Bros. 2 Tents,........... 56.33$544.44The binoculars were, of course, unnecessary. The tents were purchased to add to the hotel sleeping accommodations.We, of course, have this equipment, but if the ranch is dis-posed of or rented we will probably not be able to realize anything like the full value of the equipment.Concerning the store profit of $555.02: This is after having charged to the Store Account one quarter of Dr. Bracken's salary, January to July, inclusive, or $25.00 per month, and one third of his salary (which was increased in August to $125.00 per month) August, September and October, or $41.66-2/3 per month; also wages of Guy Smith April, May and June, a total of $58.00, and wages Walter Bracken June, July, August and October amounting to $138.94 at rate of $50.00 per month, a grand total of $496.94.At the time of my arrival at Las Vegas there were invoices in the hands of Dr. Bracken amounting to about $1500.00 for supplies purchased by him in September and October covering a large variety and assortment of general merchandise from shoe lacings to furniture. Two invoices from the



H.I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 3
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