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Levi Syphus letter to Frank R. McNamee, August 26, 1922

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St. Thomas Nevada Aug. 26,1922. Mr. F. R. McNamee, Las Vegas, Nevada. My dear Mr. McNamee:- Your enquiry of the 24th received. With reference to the matter of which you enquire the following is about the substance of what came to my attention in connection herewith. In the evening of a day along about the 13th, I do not now recall the exact day, a couple of men came and ask[ed] permission to see the register, and after examining same, ask[ed] me if I had seen an attorney from Las Vegas at the hotel that day, I told them I had not and ask[ed] the attorney's name, they could not recall it, but said it was Mack or something like that, whereupon I ask[ed] if it was Leo McNamee, and they said that was the man, and that they had come this far from St. George to meet him here that they had some business with him, and would call the next morning and see if he had arrived, which they did, and later returned at frequent intervals for one or two days, prior to the comming of Messers Gillen and Bert Murphey,the latter of this place, of the state police. They, Gillen and Murphey came in and Murphey introduced Gillen to me, I remembered. Thereupon Gillen said they were over on business connected with recruting additional policemen for the force, at the request of Governor Boyle, That as they were leaving the Governor said he would have to go in and write a letter to me, but that upon his, Gillen, telling the Governor he was acquainted with me, the Governor said all right there would then be no need of writing the letter, but for Gillen to ask me to give what assistance I could in recomending elligible men for the force etc. Then after some time he ask[ed] me if I knew where the trucks were, or words to that effect, to which I replied I had not heard of any trucks, and ask[ed] what about them. He said the matter was to be kept quiet, but he understood arrangements were or had been made for trucks to carry provisions over for the police force, but did not know what trucks they were, whether it was trucks from this place, or if they were coming from Las Vegas. Two or three days later I saw the Bartons unloading a truck at Gentrys store ware-house, and upon enquiry from Harry I learned they had received a wire from Arthur McGuire in his, Harry car, to unload the truck on the platform, railroad and that he had recommended to them that it would be safer to put it in the warehouse (or in substance that) The foregoing covers in substance all that Harry or I know of the matter, Bartons never reported to Gentrys or to me, or in any manner



Levi Syphus letter to Frank R. McNamee, August 26, 1922
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