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THE BULLETINLAS VEGAS, NEVADA—CABARET.Miss Ellen Gamble and Miss Margaret Tillison, in their unique song and dance act.LAS VEGASWhile no news notes were received from Las Vegas yet three very fine pictures were received; two of which are reproduced in this issue of the Bulletin, and which demonstrate that even though Las Vegas is considered a "desert point" yet this does not seem to keep the "boys and girls" there from putting on amusements and having a good time among themselves, which spirit might be used to good advantage at some more favored points along our railroad.Association, and a big Booster as we all know.Yours for a return at Cheyenne Lodge No. 2. We meet the first and third Thursday of each month.F. J. CARDIFF, Vice General Chairman.CHEYENNECheyenne Lodge No. 2 held their regular meeting at the Moose Hall at 7:30 P. M., June 4th, at which we had a very snappy meeting and at last or at least one of our big wishes came to reality by having the honor of our most distinguished Mr. Abercrombie, a long lost friend.He came in on us as a very big surprise and the entire membership was very glad to see him. He gave us quite an interesting talk on Co-operation between the employer and employee and also some very good suggestions pertaining to the Association.Good applause was given Mr. Abercrombie on all suggestions that he made and Cheyenne Lodge No. 2 wants to see him often as he is an educator on the working of The Shop EmployesO. S. L. OUTINGOn Saturday, June 23rd, the members of the Shop Employes Association from Pocatello and Ogden arrived in Salt Lake City for an outing, and were the guests of the city. The local shop of the Union Pacific Railroad was closed for the day in order that the employes at this point might act as hosts to the visitors.The members from Pocatello and Ogden together with their families and sweethearts arrived on a special train at 11 o'clock in the morning and were met at the Union Station by a band from the Denver and Rio Grande Shop at Salt Lake together with a large reception committee from the Union Pacific and Rio Grande Shops.A parade was quickly formed headed by the Shop Employes Association Band from Pocatello and the Denver and Rio Grande Band also furnished music in the line of march from the depot through the streets of the city and ended at the Tabernacle where the parade disbanded and everyone was ushered into the Tabernacle to hear the wonderful organ on which a special program was rendered for the visitors, after which the visitors were presented the Key to the City by Mayor Neslenand addresses made by Vice-President E. E. Calvin, General Manager H. V. Platt and General Attorney George H. Smith, for the Oregon Short Line.The big event of the afternoon celebration was a ball game at Bonneville park, in which Salt Lake Shopmen defeated those of Pocatello by a score of 14 to 4. The Pocatello shopmen had their band at the game and furnished music while their players went down to defeat. The Salt Lake pitcher, Grant held the visitors down to nothing for the first five innings, and his side scored one run in the first inning, six in the second, one more in the third and two in the fourth. Neither side scored in the fifth, and in the sixth the visitors made their first run. In the seventh inning the visitors added another run and Salt Lake two. Salt Lake failed to score in the eighth in which the visitors made one run, but the home team made two runs in the ninth, as against one for the visitors.The Pocatello shopmen also played another game at 10 o'clock with the Denver and Rio Grande Western shopmen Sunday morning.The visitors left at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon on their special trains for Pocatello, Glenns Ferry, Montpelier, Ogden, Nampa, Lima.The railroad company furnished special trains and free transportation for the outing and also served each visitor from the north with a box lunch in Ogden.



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p4
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