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THE BULLETIN5LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—BASE BALL TEAMUnder the able management of Labor Foreman, Mr. J. H. Lightfoot and the assistance of the Mascot, Jack Pembroke. Reading from left to right: Morgan, R. F., Willson, S. S., Lightfoot, Manager; Hartwick, Pitcher; Day, Utility; Hernandez, 3B; Tello, CF; Andrews, 2B; Westlake, Captain and 1B; Pembroke, Mascot; Woodberry, Catcher.COUNCIL BLUFFSThis being our first appearance in our magazine, we will say, "Howdy, we are happy to meet you."Since organization, our Lodge has been carrying on routine business at all regular and special meetings, but have not ventured very extensively into the field of amusement and entertainment.We have no up town hall or meeting place as yet, owing to some peculiar conditions which exist here, that do not exist at places along the line. But we do expect to have a hall up town in the near future where we can put on some regular entertainment. At present we are using a room in the shop building.At a special meeting last month we had with us Mr. Anderson, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Putnam, our System Officers and our Craft Chairman, Mr. Ohm, of Omaha.They all made very inspiring and interesting talks along the lines of Association work.We feel that we have a very worthy staff of officers and under their supervision our Association work should prosper.Our attendance at meetings has been a little low for the size of the membership but we feel it is on the increase.We also have organized and equipped a base ball club which promises to be a winner and they are readyto meet all comers. They are all made of good stuff and we all wish them well. Later on we will tell you of the victories won through their efforts.Our regular meeting night is the first Monday of the month and a cordial invitation is extended to any and all visiting members.The latch string is always out and the door is never locked.popular young lady from Malad, Idaho. Our congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Earl.POCATELLOIn the last Bulletin I could not even find Pocatello mentioned, and will try not let this happen again, but we have been so busy down here that we could find no time to write.At the last regular meeting of Pocatello Lodge No. 1, there were about 700 members present. After a few selections from our band, we made final arrangements for our trip to Salt Lake on June 23-24.J. J. Kelker, Superintendent of Shops was laid up at home about two weeks with a broken leg, but is back on the job again with one flat driver. J. J. has called a special meeting to discuss the proper method of parking of automobiles as he does not want any more parked on his leg.Chas. Earl, director of the famous Pocatello Shop Employe's Association Band gave the boys the slip last Thursday and was married to Miss Viola Richards. The bride is a very43 MILLION IN IMPROVEMENTSThe Union Pacific railroad will spend $43,000,000 this year in improvements, of which $11,500,000 will be for seventy-eight freight locomotives and 13,000 freight cars. The balance of the forty-three millions will be spent for new second track and other track and roadbed improvements and extensions, including heavier bridges, new station facilities, etc.New double-tracking will give the Union Pacific a two-track line almost the entire distance from Omaha to Ogden and Salt Lake City. This year an alternate main line will be built through Boise, Idaho, and a branch in the Idaho Falls district.Of most significance to Salt Lake and the intermountain states is the Boise cut-off on the Oregon Short Line, which will place the capital city of Idaho on a main line and in effect give a double track service as far as Nampa, and the connection from Ro-gerson, Idaho, to Wells, Nev., which will connect the Oregon Short Line with both the Western and Southern Pacific lines. In Utah new construction includes the branch of the Salt Lake route between Delta and Fillmore already completed, and the Lund-Cedar City branch, now nearing completion.



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p5
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