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6THE BULLETINThis is to Certify thatIs a member of theBONE HEADCheyenne Lodge No. 2 Shop Employes Assosiation of Cheyenne, Wyo.By virtue of having paid his Life Membership Fee of 25 cents, he is entitled to all the rights of this Degree.Grand Chief Bone HeadChief Bone Head ScribeQUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP1 Requires a Bone Head and the giving up of twenty-five cents for life membership.2 All Foremen, who everyone knows have pulled off bone heads, be declared Charter members and the twenty-five per be collected.3 All members of this Lodge can become Charter members upon delivery of the aforesaid twenty-five cents.4 Each shop gang shall be supplied with a Bone Head insignia which will be devised later.It will be the duty of any Bone Head member to fasten this insignia upon a member of his gang whom he observes pulling off a Bone Head, against "Safety First Rule," the victim receiving the insignia shall deliver his twenty-five cents and become a full-fledged Bone Head and shall wear this insignia the remainder of the day upon which he receives it, unless another member of the same gang, shall, on the same day be discovered pulling a Bone Head, at which time the insignia shall be transferred and the operation of collecting the fee be repeated. In case a full-fledged member is again discovered violating rules of this degree, he shall be fined five cents for each and every additional offense.R. J. Putnam,General Secretary,Salt Lake City, Utah. My dear Friend:I am still in Memorial Hospital, Union Pacific Ward, Cheyenne, Wyo.I am slightly on the increase now and I am praying God I will improve so I can attend the Convention in July, which I believe will be the friendliest gathering of Railroad men and employes that has ever been held. It will be the final stone in the foundation of our Association which will lead to permanency and success. The officials of the Union Pacific Unit are to be congratulated for their success. The men have been skeptical and they have had to be educated step by step, and it has been a long tireless job.I was in the office of Mr. C. E. Connie the other day, and I also feel proud of him. He takes a great interest in his work and the Union Pacific Unit has reasons to be proud of him.Cheyenne Lodge No. 2 is still doing fine. At a recent meeting they appointed Mr. Walker, a boilermaker, tolook after those who have not yet enrolled in the Association. Mr. Walker is an old railroad man with years of experience and makes a success at whatever he undertakes. As I have been away from the meetings so long on account of sickness, I cannot give you much of the doings of Cheyenne Lodge. So I am going to take up your space to give information about the Bone Head degree which we have lately started in Cheyenne.Mr. Mueller a very popular machinist in our shops was one day talking with Mr. Chas. Stevens our safety first shop inspector. Mr. Mueller comes from that town where they used to make that stuff that made Milwaukee famous. Mr. Mueller suggested starting a Bone Head degree in the interest of "Safety First." The thought struck him so favorable that he took the matter up with Mr. High-leyman, our Shop Superintendent and with his assistance, I developed the Membership Card, which I am enclosing a sample for publication. It thoroughly explains the whole thing. We have adopted a badge made ofrubber and have printed thereon "Ipulled one" and whenever any of the boys "pull a boner" against "Safety First" they "sure hang it on him" so he will remember Safety First rules in the future. The idea is great and if carried out right will keep the men in memory of Safetly First rules and thereby save lives and injury to a great many of the men. If we do any thing at all in that line, we have done wonders.I am enclosing a copy of a letter I received from Mr. H. A. Adam's Safety First Manager, Union Pacific, so you can all see what he thinks of it. I should like to see it adopted everywhere, and will be glad to help anyone who has any interest, along this line as long as I am able to write.Boys our first year is drawing to a close. Let's lay aside all personal jealousy, all defeated ambitions and wind up the year with more fraternal feeling, and with a firm ambition to make the next year a brighter star in our Association history. There is much good to be accomplished through the means of our Association and when we leave this place to go where there is no strife and trouble we can rest assured that we will have left such a blessing to mankind.Before closing I want to say a few words to those who forget to visit me sick and leave it for the others to do. I used to be one of them but I have learned my lesson. You will never know until you are where I am today, how great is the pressure of the hand extended when you are sick and sore at heart. Take my advice and visit your sick and you will feel better by it.Yours very truly, JOSEPH B. GEIGER.Gentlemen:I am in receipt of my card denoting that I have been elected to Honorary Membership in your Bone Head Society.I do not know of any organization in which I have had the pleasure of being a member, that better signifies yours truly than this one, and I accept full fellowship with you and will be glad indeed to have you or any of your members call to my attention the many boneheads which I have the disgrace to pull.I bespeak for your society wonderful accomplishments, for especially the next three or four months, but if you vigorously carry out the tenets of your organization, you will eliminate all accidents from the Cheyenne Shops.This organization has been born at the psychological moment, and on account of the great number of reportable accidents that you have been having in Cheyenne Shops, it's going to be a very prolific field for you to spread the gospel.Wishing you and all of the brother Bone Heads success in your endeavors and hoping to have the pleasure of meeting with you in the near future, I am,Yours fraternally,H. A. ADAMS.



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p6
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