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THE BULLETINA similar issue was faced recently. Was history to repeat itself?As far as your convention at Salt Lake last summer was concerned there was only one thought and that was to go ahead even though there might be giants in the way because it had the courage of its own convictions and believed it had the support of a constituency made up of men as big as any others ever dared to be.All eyes are looking toward the future with a mingling of hopes and fears for there are to be seen great possibilities for good and for evil in the situation such exists affecting the economic condition of Europe and the Orient and labor conditions of our own country.With our Association there should be no hesitancy; for, being based on confidence and fair play with a determination to place in effect as nearly as possible the application of the "Golden Rule," there can be but one result and that is spelled s-u-c-c-e-s-s.While we recognize the fact that human nature has not changed and that the elements of jealousy and hatred will always be in evidence to some extent, still because we have seen in times of stress the entire suspension of selfish ends and giving with complete abandon of physical effort and material wealth to relieve the distress of fellowmen, we feel that it is only necessary to appeal to the common sense of the men of the Union Pacific System to secure their support in this pioneer movement of men of workshop working with management. By this means, cooperation, protecting not only ourselves but our posterity against the inroads of surrounding enemies whose sympathies are not American.To work together to this end is the wish of your humble servant.C. E. ANDERSON,President.During the past four months we have been passing through an experimental era, and we feel that the progress that has been made in building up a more harmonious relationship between employer and employee is beyond our expectations. Our Association has entered into a co-partnership with the management of the Union Pacific System Lines, and from our view-point we are just as interested in the successful operation of this rail-road as the management, because their interests are our interests in successfully furnishing transportation to the Public, whose servants we truly are. To this end we earnestly solicit the support and co-operation of our members in building this princnpal upon a basis of absolute fairness and co-operation. We believe that the constructive principles as laid down in the agreement have opened up a new era in mutual understanding and relationship. While this is possibly a departure from present day thinking as reflected in the radical press where too often the wish for a condition is really the father of the thought, so nevertheless believe we are right. "Most of us start our thinking with a conclusion." We make up our minds in advance and dislike to change them.Look out for the man who never changes his mind. That means he has quit thinking. He may go ahead on the momentum he acquired while he was thinking, but some day he will begin to lag. He then will blame conditions for his failure to progress. He may blame his associates. He rarely blames himself; because, having quit thinking it may not have occured to him where the trouble is. The price of success is thought and labor, and all the searchings of centuries have failed to find any lasting effective other means.One of the big reasons for the conflicts between capital and labor in this country is the fact that they do not understand each other. Could labor get away from the idea that capital is a walking incarnation of hell, and could capital come to understand labor as a class of human beings, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, thinking the same thoughts, a different situation would prevail. It is our desire to build up a relationship whereby we can meet together as man to man, and learn of each other's needs and requirements and then and only then will we be in a position to find a way to settle every "difference of opinion" that presents itself.Soliciting the hearty co-operation of our members in building this Association.W. J. TAYLOR,Vice-rPresident.As one gains in understanding, he perceives that obedience cannot take away Freedom; instead, it brings freedom.The Lodges of the Shop Employes' Association are the heart of the Association. The officials of the Lodge, alive in the performance of their duties, have a wholesome effect upon the members, resulting in an increased attendance at meetings and socials.By putting enthusiasm in their work, greeting fellow employes pleasantly, the Lodge Officials spread a spirit of friendliness and good will among co-laborers that has a far-reaching effect.That the wage and working agreement is studied, and generally understood by the members, is in evidence by the general harmonious condition that now obtains between the Shop Employes' Association and the Officials of the Union Pacific System.That Ogden is in this harmonious condition nearly 100% strong is evidenced by the following letter:Ogden, Utah, Jan. 11, 1923.Local Committee,Shop Employes' Association, Ogden, Utah.Since the formation of the Shop Employes' Association—Union Pacific System, I have been very much impressed with the spirit of co-operation manifested by employees towards foremen.This spirit did not exist under the old order and I believe the Company and all employees are to be congratulated on this arrangement which no doubt will be conducive towards the greatest efficiency and the happiness of all concerned.Yours very truly,LOUIS A. MEIDINGER, Foreman O. U. R. & D. Co.Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well and we should throw all our enthusiasm into it.Too many get enthused over little things instead of the great realities, and thus lose the good which they might attain.Kindliness toward our neighbor or fellow workman is a great thing and makes life worth living for ourselves as well as the "other fellow." Unkind-liness and selfishness is the great trouble in the world today.In this day of seeming discord and unrest, the World is eagerly searching for some remedy.



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Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p2
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