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THE BUL LETIN 5SUGGESTIONS FOR TREASURERSBy the time this goes to press the Treasurer of the lodge will be busy making out the receipts for dues of members for the first quarter of 1923. The current quarter receipt and the enrollment receipt is the members credential for membership in the Association.It is therefore the duty of lodge officers to see that each member receives his credentials, and by co-operation of the Officers and the Craft Chairmen with the local supervising official of the management this can be accomplished in the most expeditious manner. The receipts after being made out by the Treasurer should be handed to the Craft Committeeman and by him distributed to his constituents. In this way the members of each craft will soon become personally acquainted with their representative, and he in turn with the men whom he represents.An invitation to attend the lodge meetings should also be extended at the time the receipts are given to the member.POCATELLOAt a meeting of the officers and Adjustment Committee of Pocatello Lodge No. 1, held in the Apprentice Room of the Pocatello Back Shop, Thursday morning, December 21st, it was decided to hold a "Get Acquainted'' dance during the week between Xmas and New Years. General Chairman Gustin of the O. S. L. Unit presided and introduced System General Chairman C. E. Anderson, who gave an interesting talk, taking as his keynote, "Vigilence, the Price of Security." He also spoke of the enjoyable time experienced by all who attended the first dance given by Salt Lake Lodge. After Brother Anderson's talk Brother Gustin enlarged on the affair in the Lake and gave us all the determination that we would be "second to none" in putting over a ball that would be the talk of the system, until we should decide to have another one, which would sure have to eclipse the first.An arrangement committee, consisting of Earl Wilson, chairman, Ellis J. Nickel and O. E. Bates, was appointed. They appointed W. L. Kerr, W. M. Webster and Reed White to arrange for refreshments, and induced Brother Gustin to tackle the job of renting the hall. With this organiza-tion effected things started taking shape "right now," with the result that 1500 invitations were distributed to the membership, to all system and O. S. L. officers. Owing to the short time in which to act, it was impossible to send invitations to all officers of the association, and the dance was scheduled for Thursday evening, December 28th, just a week from the date of its inception. The refreshment committee was right on the job in producing a delightful bite and supper.The night of the dance arrived with all of us who were responsible for the success or failure of the affair on edge, fearing that there might have been some point we had overlooked and that it might, after all, prove a huge fizzle at our expense. However, we pulled up our courage and were able to greet the first Comers with a smile that we meant.Our first care was to see that every one should be acquainted, and to this end we selected the following Floor Managers: Brothers Peabody, Tipton, S. M. Bates, Schoolcraft, Probart, Warden, D. E. Watson, G. H. Com-berland, H. P. Jones, John Wilkes, Duffin, Andy Radamaker, Schreck, Clark, Duggan, Chedsey, Hanson, Ermatos, Laubinger, Clark, Goyse, Goden, Jor-genson, Hood, Robins, Bonner, Green, Andrus, M. Jorgenson, Levit, F. Ball, Beach, Metcalf and Mr. Case, the Shop Physical Director. Brothers Burroughs and Goodrich presided in the check room. Between eight hundred fifty and nine hundred crowded the floor of the Columbia hall and every one evidently came to enjoy themselves and we kind o' pat ourselves on the back a bit when we say that no one left disappointed.Punch, candy and wafers were placed at convenient points about the hall in charge of a competent corps of servers who handled their work so well that no one went unrefreshed.The local officials of the Short Line were out en masse with their company and many of them have written us congratulatory letters while the rest have spoke to us personally, congratulating us on the splendid time they had enjoyed as our guests.President Anderson, Vice President Taylor and System General Secretary Putnam were present and if they didn't have the time of their lives we miss our guess.We who worked on the committees are glad we were appointed, and feelour time well spent, in view of the good time we produced.C-H-E-Y-E-N-N-EOn the night of January 1st, 1923, the Shop Employes Association held their first annual ball. The attendance was so large that it was necessary to rent two (2) halls to accommodate the crowd. In addition to the dance a nice spread of good things to eat was served for the members and their friends, and everyone present voted it a huge success and wished for a repetition of a similar affair before the next annual.SALT LAKE CITY A very pleasing entertainment and dance was given by Salt Lake Lodge No. 2 on the evening of December 20th, in the Merrie Garden Pavillion. The committee in charge arranged an exceptional program of instrumental and vocal selections, and the singing of the West Side Four Quartet as well as the duet given by little Miss and Master Collins was well received.During the evening refreshments were served consisting of punch, ice cream and cake, and bon bons.A number of the Oregon Short Line officials and their wives were present as invited guests, also the system officers of the Association.The committee in charge of the affair consisted of Carl Holmquist, Harry G. Stegg, C. H. Stringfellow, D. E. Snyder, S. Hanni and Chas. Pugmyre.GREEN RIVERThe writer was unfortunate enough to be away from home on last Thanksgiving Day, and was riding across the bleak stretch of country between Cheyenne and Green River on Train No. 3 on that day. I had previously received an invitation to a Turkey Dinner and Dance to be given by Green River Lodge No. 9 in the Union Pacific Club House. Bewailing my fate, I arrived in Green River at 10.45 P. M. on time. However, myself and wife were met at the train on arrival and informed that we were just in time for the "show."The show consisted of a nice big plate of turkey and all the fixin's, and in addition we had the pleasure of eat-



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Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p5
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