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THEBULLETINwhich was rendered at this their first entertainment. The program consisted of music, songs, recitations and short snappy talks by the visiting Railroad and Association Officials. During the evening a banquet of an abundance of good things to eat was served by a committee of the members,all of which had been generously provided by the wives and sweethearts of the members.Among the visitors were the following; General Manager H. V. Platt, General Claim Agent L. E. Abbott, Assistant to General Manager M. O. Willard all of the Oregon Short Line. Superintendent H. L. Bell of the O. U. R. & D. Co. The following Association officials were present; President C. E. Anderson, Vice President W. J. Taylor, General Secretary R. J. Putnam, General Chairman C. H. Gustin, and General Secretary-Treasurer S. Hanni.The visitors as well as the members present voted the affair a great success and hoped to be able to attend another at some future date.To Mr. Al Faddis and the members of the committee is due the credit for the success of the entertainment, as well as the ladies who so generously donated the good things to eat, and what is lacking in numbers of membership of Ogden lodge is made up in enthusiasm of the entire membership and their families.HUNTINGTONWhen it comes to putting something over we will have to take our hats of to our genial "Scotty" Peter Mathews one of the bunch at Huntington. They had rented a hall upstairs on a corner and had contributed time, labor and money in making it a good place to go.Hearing of this a few individuals of another organization not in sympathy with us were going to buy the corner.Then appears our ever ready Scotty and buys the corner himself, assuring the club of a place to meet and at the same time practice Safety First.Hurrah! for "Scotty."CHEYENNEMr. R. J. Putnam,System General Secretary.Dear Sir:Your circular letter of January 6th, 1923, received, and I feel Mr. Putnamthat your idea or who's ever it is, was certainly a good one and I will do all in my power to get this Bulletin going at once, as we must have action and lot's of Pep in order to get our members closer together. Encouragement and good fellowship with members is our main object and this we will have, and are getting it at present, and now watch us grow, so here goes:My first suggestion as to our First Annual Ball which was given on Jan. 1st, 1923, New Year's Night at Cheyenne, Wyoming. I heard remarks a day or so after our Ball from Business Men and outsider's that were invited that they have never attended a Dance conducted in such a fine manner, and everybody enjoyed themselves. We had with us as our invited guests.Mr. Muluek our Division Superintendent.Mr. Highleyman our Shop Superintendent.Mr. Cole our District Foreman.Mr. Barnett our Master Mechanic.Mr. Fassions our General Shop Foreman.Also all of our Shop and Round House Foremen and their wives.These affairs are bringing us closer together and we are all joining hand in hand and getting along very nicely. I also had the pleasure of attending our first meeting with the Foremen last Friday, Jan. 5th, this included all shop Committeemen and Shop Foremen and at which we learned that we can now work together with our Foremen and I do believe that we are getting very good results at present, and I know that our results will show up much better in the future, as we are headed on the right road and can only thank the management and the Shop Employes' Association for what has been done and what will be done in the future.Yours truly,F. J. CARDIFF.PORTLANDOn December 20th, Albina Lodge No. 1 gave an entertainment for the members and their friends. In addition to the entertainment a dance and refreshments were served.During the evening short addresses were made by the officers of the lodge and by the visiting railroad officials,who were invited guests of the lodge.A delegation of members from La Grande was in attendance having come to Portland in a special Pullman car assigned for their especial use by the management.The affair was a decided innovation for the shop employes and Albina Lodge is to be congratulated on the fine co-operation shown by its members and their local supervising officials for the railroad company.OMAHAAlthough there is always something doing at Omaha to furnish amusement for the members yet the officers of Omaha Lodge No. 1 decided that a good time among the members would not be amiss.On the evening of December 18th the committee put on an entertainment and refreshments which furnished those in attendance something to talk about for some few days, and those that were not fortunate enough to have attended, to promise themselves that they will be at the next one.Omaha lodge has now secured a lease on a suitable hall for a year and the boys can look forward to more of these affairs which will be attended by all members and the local supervising officials of the railroad company and be the means of continuing that harmony which has existed at this point from the organization of the Association.DENVERWe understand that Denver Lodge No. 3 is on the map and that they have among other things for the amusement of the members, a band and orchestra of 25 members, a male quartet, men's chorus, colored quartet and have organized a Bowling League among the various crafts. They are also planning a series of good things for the summer including a baseball league and numerous picnics in the nearby resorts.Too bad we can't all live in Denver.LOS ANGELESIn honor of Mr. G. H. Sines, Asst. to the Vice President, and Mr. R. H. Beauchamp, Special Representative of the Vice President of the Union Paci-



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Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p7
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